Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Party

Since becoming a mom, Halloween has turned into one of my favorite holidays! They just love all of the 'buzz' around the big day--there are school parties, church parties, neighborhood get togethers, and more all leading up to the big day!!
I have turned to Oriental Trading the past 2 years now for my costumes! I used to shop at Party City or in those pop up Halloween stores, but there were always CRAZY and I could never find the right size.  Boy, shopping online has been so much easier!
 I sat down with both kids and let them choose their costumes.  Their choices usually seem to surprise me haha! Kayla went with Batgirl this year and Brayden went with Pokemon!
 We invited our cousins over for a little Halloween playdate!
Each kid decorated a pumpkin. We did this early on in October so we would be able to enjoy our pumpkins for the month!
 Ahhh! How precious are they? They pumpkin decorating kits were from the Target Dollar Spot!
 Then, we got ready for our Monster Egg Hunt.  This may be a new one (it's pretty much like an Easter egg hunt), but the kids loved it! 
 They ran all around the house searching for their monster eggs! Florida is just too hot still to hide the eggs outside!
 Then they counted their eggs up!
Inside the eggs there were stickers and candy. Juliet decided to add her stickers onto her pumpkin too!
 Then it was cookie decorating time! I use these trays for all of my crafts and cooking projects with the kids. It definitely helps with the mess and they can just go straight into the dishwasher! I bought these trays on Oriental Trading as well. 
 Looks sugary...must be good!
 Love what Savanna did! They look like owl eyes! 
I am always down for any excuse to get our cousins over or neighborhood friends over! We can't wait to have a Thanksgiving play date soon too!!

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