Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday Cafe

Every Friday our class does a cooking project that correlates with the theme.  I usually put the cooking activity at one of their morning rotations.  This year I am sending out an email the Friday prior to let the parents know what donations I will need.  Then they 'reply to all' with the ingredient that they will send in.  You can do it this way or if you don't want so many emails you can send out all your cooking activities for the month (or for a couple of months) and have parents sign up to bring the ingredients for the week.  Right now this is our 'Friday Cafe,' but if you have any other cute ideas please let me know!!! So far we have made:
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Trees

'All About Me' faces
Apple Trees

Coming up soon in our Friday Cafe we have:
-Apple taste testing: Trying red, green, and yellow apples-plain, with peanut butter, and with caramel.  We will also try apple juice and apple pie! Yum!
-Fire trucks for our mini theme on careers and Fire Safety Week
(pictures to come)


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