Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Words

These file folders were time consuming to make, but now that I have them finished I love them! I have 3 file folders for each theme/unit.  Most of the covers were copied out of a book by Scholastic- Portable File Folder Word Walls by Mary Beth Spann. That book also has suggestions for words to put inside; however, I knew our little ones would enjoy some colorful pictures above the words instead.  So for the inside I chose words that I knew we would be using and put a picture to go with each one.  Now the children use these folders during literacy centers and to help them write stories in their writing notebooks.  They are awesome!! I love to watch the children looking through them to see how to write a word or even get ideas for writing topics.

A student example:

I will be creating my own covers and adding them and the words to TPT soon.  If there are any other units you may need let me know so I can create some more! :)  I am attaching two examples of what the insides looks like right now.  But, since joining the blogging world, I have also found many new wonderful graphics online! All of my folders will be getting makeovers with the new and improved pictures!! :) Enjoy!!

Our Transportation Words

The new file folders are finally here!! Click on over to check them out! You can download an updated freebie in the preview!


  1. Very Cute! I might have to take this idea! Loving your blog!

    Check out mine at

  2. Thanks!! I will definitely be checking your blog out!!!

  3. I really like these. :) I have a great parent volunteer this year that I can get started on doing some of these for me. :) Thanks for the idea. I teach in North Florida so we are not too far. :) I look forward to reading more.


  4. I really like these. I have the book, but haven't integrated them into daily use yet. Do your students each make one or do ya'll collaborate and create one for the class to use at a station?

    1. We do both! We come up with words for our theme together as a class, then in their station they make an individual 'portable word wall' for themselves. This way they can use their own throughout the theme during writing.