Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Why do I love teaching about spiders...when I really don't like them?! Today I took out all my folders for the next 3 weeks to start prepping everything.  Right now I am sitting on my bed that has literally been taken over...
Is this normal? 
Anyways, I came across some super cute spider, bat, and pumpkin activities that I cannot wait to do!! I love decorating the classroom in October!  Here is one simple activity that is super easy to prep, and the kids love it! Before we complete the sentences, we sit together and brainstorm different adjectives.  Most of the boys always end up writing scary, spooky, or awesome, while the girls always seems to choose beautiful, pretty, and nice.  It is fun to see what they come up with!
We make the spiders with our hands (except our thumb) and the eyes are hole reinforcements. I am attaching the sheet that is seen in this picture in case you want to try it out this year :)  I am also attaching another one I just whipped up really fast (trying to be creative).  I got the cute orange frame from Kirsten Peters McGrath over at ETSY.